Nikon Z9 Camera V2.0 Firmware Offers Major Upgrades for Video; More Info at B&H


Photography News: Nikon has released full details of firmware 2.0 for the Z9, unlocking an impressive array of video specs

NEW YORK, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — B&H is pleased to announce firmware version 2.0 for the Nikon Z9 Mirrorless Camera. This is an enormous update with the headline feature being the addition of internal raw video formats at up to 8K.

Nikon Z9 offered some surprising and impressive video specs.

Cinema Upgrades

This update has a heavy focus on video improvements:

  • N-RAW recording at up to 8.3K 60p or 4.1K 120p (full-frame)

  • ProRes RAW recording up to 4.1K 60p

  • UHD 4K 60p recordings will oversample from the 8K image area for improved image quali

  • Waveform monitor function for real-time exposure analysis

  • Red “Rec” frame indicator

  • Dedicated video info display shows dedicated settings, such as frame size, codec, and more.

  • Top control panel shows some video-specific info.

  • Fine ISO Control for adjusting exposure in 1/6 EV steps

  • Fast AF-ON is assignable to custom buttons; two different AF speeds can be set to different controls.

  • Slow shutter speed video of slower than 1/frame rate for working in extreme darkness or to intentionally introduce blur

Photo Upgrades

While not as many upgrades came to the photo side of the Z9 there are some impressive new additions:

  • Pre-release Capture function will pre-record up to 1 second of burst images before your press the shutter.

  • Select between 20 types of Custom Wide-Area AF patterns.

  • General AF performance has been improved.

  • During image review users can skip to the first shot in each burst.

  • Motion Blend function will merge a series of images to create a composite all in camera.

  • Long Exposure display shows a live count of exposure time and the viewfinder now can be dimmed even further.

General Upgrades

Beyond the improvements to the video and photo pipelines, Nikon has taken care to improve general functionality of the Z9.

  • Real Live Viewfinder can be set to a 120 fps refresh rate.

  • Auto Exposure has improved consistency with human faces.

  • Prioritize Viewfinder mode mimics the DSLR shooting experience.

  • AWD improvements with rapid scene changes.

  • Focus Point Select Speed custom setting for tuning speed points can move through frame.

  • Shutter release indicators appear more clearly on displays.

  • Enhanced memory set/recall function includes instant recall of several focus positions.

  • Recalling shooting functions (hold) is added to conventional recalling shooting function so there is no need to hold the button.

  • Option to switch focus/control ring roles

This firmware update is providing almost as many new features as a true Mark II release would’ve brought. If you already have a Z9, please be sure to visit Nikon’s Support Page for additional details when the update becomes available.

Please note that supply of the Nikon Z9 is highly constrained, and any orders will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Nikon Z9 Firmware V2.0 Unleashes the Camera’s Full Cinema Potential

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Nikon Z9 Camera Firmware V2.0

Nikon Z9 Camera Firmware V2.0

B&H Photo Video, Camera Electronics Store (PRNewsfoto/B&H Photo)

B&H Photo Video, Camera Electronics Store (PRNewsfoto/B&H Photo)



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