International Travel Insurance Policy: What Should You Keep in Mind?


Medical consultations and treatments can be expensive – even more so when travelling abroad. Did you know that even seeking treatment for relatively minor ailments when travelling internationally can put a significant dent in your finances? Consequently, hospitalisation would be expensive if something tragic happened while travelling abroad. When travelling […]

Force the Change in the Automotive Industry


It is time for you, the average consumer, to take a stand! Fellow consumer, for years we have been taken to the cleaners from the automotive industry: It is time for us to demand change in product quality and how the automotive industry conducts business! As consumers, we need to […]

Sports and Hobbies in France


Sports is a popular pastime in France with football, judo, tennis and basketball dominating the sporting arenas. France also involves itself in grand racing car events, bicycle racing also making its presence felt in the world of tennis and martial arts. Popular sports The most popular sports is soccer but […]

Auto Crash Dents: Repair or Replace?


From minor fender-benders to car crashes that need some serious work, you will probably drive away with at least one serious dent to fix. Your two primary options to get rid of these dents is repair or replace. Repairs focus on removing the dent while keeping the same materials, while […]

15 Interesting Facts About ATVs


1. Off road vehicles were first made available in the early 1960s. 2. Some of the first ATVs were 6-wheeled as opposed to the more common 4-wheeleers of today. 3. Originally brake lights were not required on ATVs; it was not until 1998 that they were made a requirement. 4. […]