MP3 Auto Tagging – Download Software to Automatically Tag MP3 Files


MP3 auto tagging software is by far the best way organize your music collection in the least amount of time. With the invention of Napster, Limewire, Bearshare, Amazon MP3 and the iTunes store music downloading is definitely at an all time high. With all this music being uploaded and downloaded the average persons iTunes library is enormous, in the thousands!

How did things get so unorganized?

Every music or mp3 file has what is called an ID3 tag associated with. That ID3 tag hold information like song titles, albums titles, artist names, album release dates and sometimes even lyrics. When people upload songs on to their computers they are responsible for inputting this information. Most people don’t bother, and then they upload in on to the Internet for download. In essence they spread their unorganized and misspelled songs all over the net. That is why some genius developed an mp3 auto tagger.

How to fix ID3 tags?

With mp3 auto tagging software you don’t have to manually edit every songs id3 information. This innovative software can scan your music folders and correct any misspelled song. And it doesn’t stop there. It has the ability to fill in all your ID3 tag info included genre, and album release date, download missing album artwork on the fly, and can do all this with barely any work from you. You won’t have to type in a word!

Recap Mp3 Auto Tagging Features and Benefits

  • Fix mislabeled song titles
  • Update ID3 Tags automatically
  • Download CD cover artwork
  • Delete duplicate iTunes songs
  • Easy to use program

Want to organize your digital music collection? An mp3 auto tagger is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient method.

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