Mexican Auto Insurance – Why You Need It


Unfortunately. too many of the U.S. drivers in Mexico put off the purchase of Mexican auto insurance. They do not see why they would need it. They do not feel that they lack the ability to avoid an accident while driving in Mexico. Insurance appears to them like an unneeded expense.

Such drivers fail to realize that Mexican law differs markedly from U.S. law. In the United States, a driver involved in an automobile accident is not held responsible for that accident while at the scene of the accident. In the U.S., a person receives a presumption of innocence, until he or she can be proven guilty. Mexican auto insurance is needed in Mexico because the reverse is true; a driver involved in an accident is considered guilty of causing that accident, until he or she can be proven innocent.

In the United States, the authorities who arrive at the scene of an accident do not have the ability to prosecute any of the drivers involved in that accident. Sometimes, a driver can be given an alcohol breath test. If the test were to yield a positive result, then that driver could be charged with a crime.

In Mexico the law gives the law enforcement officers greater authority at the scene of a car accident. Those officers can hold each person involved in the accident responsible for the resulting damages. Each driver must exhibit proof of the ability to cover those damages. Auto insurance in Mexico can protect you from being detained.

If a driver can not demonstrate the ability to access enough money to cover the accident damages, then that driver can be hit with a steep fine. If authorities do not issue a fine, then they have a right to demand that the driver be jailed for a short time. Either of those fates can be avoided through purchase of Mexican auto insurance.

If the reader now sees the need for Mexican insurance, that reader probably wants to know the easiest way to obtain it. Does someone have to drive into Mexico in order to purchase Mexican insurance?

The answer is “no.” Several U.S. companies have been licensed to sell Mexican auto insurance in the U.S. Such companies provide drivers with a way to obtain insurance before venturing south of the Rio Grande River. Those companies allow drivers to secure insurance for their vehicles well before actually driving into Mexico.

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