Drifting and the Popular Culture of Drift Racing


Drifting is a style of car racing, indigenous to Japan, where the racer intentionally loses traction of the car in order to maintain a high speed during a turn. The car continues traveling forward at high speeds, and ideally will be facing the correct direction at the end of the turn. Drift Racing is extremely dangerous due to the lack of control during a turn, which can easily result in a crash, or flipping of a vehicle. Drifting is also very crippling to the tires of a car, causing the need to be replaced regularly with excessive misuse.

In addition to the dangers of drifting, it is also very hard to perform, requiring extreme skill from the driver. It is vital the driver can maintain calm while having no control over the cars trajectory. It takes both precision in predicting where your car will slide, and commitment entering the turn.

Despite the dangers of drifting, it has become a prominent hobby and style of racing around the world. Notorious for their drifting skills Japan has been the Country of choice for drifting; featured in films such as “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” Drifting has become popular because it is stunning that drivers are so talented they are able to enter this moment of complete lack of control, and still arise unharmed. Drifting has increased the danger and adrenaline of an already exciting sport; attracting a new audience of fans worldwide.

Because of the demands of drift racing, it is often necessary to modify or build cars for the sole purpose of drifting. In Japan, many have taken a liking to certain car models whose overall weight, and engines powers are ideal for the sport. It is important to have the proper weight, height, tires and suspension on a drifting car in order to prevent injuries from turnovers or other accidents.

In order to successfully drift, the driver must be entering extremely high and dangerous speeds that some cars simply could not safely handle. Many styles of cars have arisen from the sport drifting. The media of course has shown the more elegant side of drifting, featuring cars with millions of dollars invested in them. All equipped with the best engines and tires for safety, and we cannot forget the best paint jobs for appeal. On the other hand, drifting has been made more affordable by various styles of cars such as “bosozoku cars.” Sometimes used only for visual appeal, bosozoku cars are extremely radically designed often having protruding body kits for extra appeal.

Drifting has become an apparent hobby and even lifestyle for daring drivers around the world. Despite the excessive fines and dangers of drifting, it continues to strike appeal, and therefore has a demand in both organized sports, as well as street racing. Drifting will continue to thrive as the drivers continue to risk their lives in a search for adrenaline and fame.

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