Sex Games – Giving Her Explosive Orgasms in Her Car (Great Sex Tip)!


If you never given women great orgasms by having sex in a car then you should try it. It is very naughty and I’m offering you some great love making tips here. Try it – you’ll like it.

There are perhaps four categories that you can consider for car sex. All of them are fun, exciting, and great sport.

First, the one where you just get her off by touching her without being seen. This might take place in a crowded park, parking lot, or even in a service station bay.

One of my friends met a woman at a local high-traffic discount gas station and proceeded to get her off with his fingers. He said several people got close to them as they were having fun but they could disengage in time so that nobody was the wiser.

The woman really loved the adventure and being able to see people pump gas as he pumped her with his fingers. He also kissed her nipples and she actually went down on him at one point but finished him off with her fingers.

Second, is the one where you are in a secluded place and you can really stretch out and do everything. If you’re going to get buck naked make sure that you pick a place where people can’t sneak up on you. Especially the police. A ticket for that is no laughing matter.

Third, is the one where you are in a parking lot at night and you might find it too dangerous to get completely naked but she should be able to take off her panties and straddle you with no problem. That is very exciting.

Fourth, is the type where you can do it with complete abandon and do it on the hood of the car. That might be a totally secluded place in the mountains or desert. It’s totally exciting and watch out for the hot car hood.

I hope you loved these ideas and let me know how it worked for you. I’ll light a few candles for you.

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