International Travel Insurance Policy: What Should You Keep in Mind?

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Medical consultations and treatments can be expensive – even more so when travelling abroad. Did you know that even seeking treatment for relatively minor ailments when travelling internationally can put a significant dent in your finances? Consequently, hospitalisation would be expensive if something tragic happened while travelling abroad.

When travelling from India to a foreign country, it would be wise of you to buy Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy before leaving the country.

How to choose a policy for your international travel insurance?

Travelling to a different nation requires meticulous planning and the acquisition of appropriate travel insurance. When picking a cover in India, a few specific criteria should be kept in mind. 

If this is your first time purchasing international travel insurance online, the proper decision can be overwhelming in certain circumstances. On the other hand, choices made based on particular factors may always have some degree of validity. One should understand what exactly needs to be taken into account.

When selecting a travel insurance plan from a company based in India, it is essential to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where am I going?

The amount of the sum assured that you need is usually determined by your location. To decide the appropriate level of coverage for your trip, you may first need to research the prices of medical services in the country you are travelling to. Keep in mind that the primary focus of your insurance should be on the medical coverage it provides.

  1. How long do I plan to stay?

Your travel insurance premium would go up proportionally to how many days you are going to be away from home. Your stay would need to be mentioned so that you may select an appropriate option. If you are a frequent traveller, you could opt for multi-trip travel insurance.

  1. Have I made any comparisons?

After determining your individual needs, you should investigate the different insurance options accessible to you before making a purchase. Before you purchase a travel insurance policy, do in-depth research about the many options available in India. For e.g. travel insurance for Dubai would be different from a travel insurance policy for other cities. You may compare various Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policies on their website as well to be sure about what you need.

  1. Where will I be staying, and what kind of vacation will it be?

You can select an entire package if your trip is a typical vacation during which you intend to remain in one place and enjoy or unwind. If you want to participate in an activity during your trip, such as an adventure vacation, consider purchasing supplemental insurance to cover the risk of injury.

It would help you to keep in mind that the travel insurance market in India is still developing, and you may find a lack of diversity in specific fields. However, making the right choice may fulfil your requirements if you do it correctly. You can easily buy international travel insurance online once you educate yourself based on your needs. * Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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