How Golf Swing Mechanics Can Teach You the Secret to Having Power in Your Golf Swing


Proper golf swing mechanics will have an enormous impact on your game of golf. Furthermore, A proper golf swing will obviously have a similar impact on your game. The two go hand in hand as there is a direct correlation to a proper golf swing and the power of your swing. This article will explain some key steps to generating power and how proper golf swing mechanics will help you achieve this power.

Here are the key steps to generating a powerful swing. The first key to a powerful golf swing is flexibility. During the back swing, flexibility will help you reach far back with the club. Then to extend your range of motion keep your rotating torso directly over your right leg. Now as the swing begins build up club head velocity by turning your torso quickly and press your right leg forward. This will generate speed and power during the down swing. Throughout the swing maintain your position above the ball which will waste very little energy.

At the impact zone you want to drive through the ball using your hips, shoulders and wrists. This will allow you to create a very high initial ball speed creating distance off the tee. On the follow through allow the club heads momentum to extend. Your follow through should reach far around your back thus completing a long and smooth club head rotation.

This is how you can generate power in your golf swing but the key to scoring low is to develop a proper golf swing. Developing your swing will make generating power a lot easier and will have you scoring lower on your rounds.

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