How Does Car Engine Oil Work


It says that Oil is the life blood of an engine. While petrol and diesel are both by products, oil in its purest form functions as a lubricant. Just as blood gives life to your body, similarly the correct oil lubrication gives life to an engine. The basic function of engine oil to lubricate the moving parts.

As oil is pumped through the engine under pressure, it leaves behind it a special lubricating film (oil film) that creates a slippery surface over everything it touches. The end result is increased engine performance and service life.

The engine oil travels around the motor, more and more heat is absorbed and transferred. Upon arrival back in the engine sump, the oil is cooled by the external air that travels over the surface of the sump before being re circulated back through the system for further duties.

The engine oils whether minerals, semi minerals or full synthetic based are required with additives such as friction modifiers and special detergents. These additives molecules work to disperse large deposits while preventing smaller particles such as carbon deposits from grouping together, otherwise known as sludging. Oil protection levels deteriorate through contamination. Which is brought about by droplets of fuel leaking past the piston rings and landing in the engine`s sump.

These contamination that reduce the oil`s effectiveness to protect, which incidentally also includes the breakdown of the all-important lubricating oil film protection.

Imported Engine Oil:

Oil is the life force of your engine, it reduces resistance, lessens wear, provides lubrication forms seal amid the piston and cylinder walls whereas helping to cool engine parts. Atlantic oil store is the best company which provides the imported lubricants in Pakistan. They have different types of oils which suits your car and very helpful to increase the life of your car. You can get these oils in a very cheap rate.

Change car engine oil in Lahore:

One of the humblest, most operative and cheap way to help shield the life of your car. Particularly its engine is to change the oil and the oil filter frequently. With the Atlantic oil store very cheap oil change service in Lahore. So no need to take any appointment. At the Atlantic’s official store, we are ready to serve with best oil change service that help you catch the concentrated value. Respectively offers high quality oil that can help expand your car’s mileage and spread the life of your vehicle.

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