Best Option to Buy a Used Car in Ireland?


Do you want to buy a used car in Ireland? New cars require lesser research work on the part of the buyers as compared to second hand cars. This article highlights the best options to buy a used auto.

Buy from a car dealer

Be it Mayo or Dublin, used cars deals are safest when the auto is purchased from a car dealer. As per Irish law, car dealers in Ireland have to adhere to strict regulated standards that protect car buyers against faulty deals. If you buy your used auto from an auto dealer, you also have an option to exchange your old car with a second hand car. Ireland has a lot of car dealers that provide you with this opportunity. These dealers inspect your old car and calculate its worth. The value of your old auto is subtracted from the price of the second and car you buy.

Buy from private vendors

Although buying a used auto from a private seller is a cheaper option than buying from an auto dealer, auto deals finalized with car dealers are safer and hassle free. There are a lot of checks to be done in case of buying a second hand car. Ireland is a country that has strict laws to protect the buyer against the dealer if these checks are not duly performed. But there are no such rules or regulations in case of private car vendors. This is the reason that makes buying used cars from private vendors risky. Sligo, Mayo, or Dublin, used auto deals finalized with private vendors should be supported by detailed technical, background, and other necessary car checks performed by the buyer.

Buy your used car through an auction

Auction is another option to buy your used van in Ireland. New cars or used cars, the buyer needs to be very cautious while buying this asset. Moreover, if you are buying your car through auction, you have to be extra careful and informed about used car deals. Buying through an auction mostly turns out to be one of the cheapest ways to buy a car, but you will not have any opportunity to thoroughly inspect the car or take it for a test drive. Although most of the paper work is already done, you will not get any warranty or history check reports.

So, when compared to buying an auto from the Auto dealer, auction or private vendor deals are not very safe option to buy an auto. It is safest to buy a car from an auto dealer.

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