Wealth Dynamics Profile: What Are “Energy Types?”


Have you taken the Wealth Dynamics Profile test, received fascinating results, yet found that there were so many additional details in your report around the “Energy Types” that confused you or left you with unanswered questions?

The “Energy Types” I’m referring to are the four words around the outermost area of the Wealth Dynamics square: Dynamo, Tempo, Blaze and Steel.

Are you curious about what these “Energy Types” are all about and how they relate to your Wealth Dynamics Profile?

In Wealth Dynamics, each wealth profile has an associated Type that represents the way people who belong to that profile naturally act and think.

While four of the personality types embody only a single Type (Creator, Supporter, Trader and Lord), the other four personality types embody a combination of two Types (Mechanic, Star, Deal Maker and Accumulator).

Let’s take a look at the Energy Types:

Dynamo Energy Type

The Creator Profile solely expresses the Dynamo Energy. The Mechanic expresses a blend of Dynamo Energy with Steel Energy, and the Star expresses a mix of Dynamo Energy with Blaze Energy.

The Dynamo is expressed by thinking with our “head in the clouds” and the value created with Dynamo Energy is created through innovation.

The characteristics of Dynamo are:

* Energized
* Dynamic
* Great with getting things started
* Not so great with finishing things

Tempo Energy Type

The Trader Profile solely expresses the Tempo Energy. The Accumulator expresses a blend of Tempo with Steel, and the Deal Maker expresses a mix of Tempo with Blaze.

The Tempo is expressed by thinking with our “ear to the ground” and the value created with Tempo Energy is created through timing.

The characteristics of Tempo are:

* Compassionate
* Great team player
* Reliable at getting things done with their team
* Seeks direction from others

Blaze Energy Type

The Supporter Profile solely expresses the Blaze Energy. The Star expresses a blend of Blaze with Dynamo, and the Deal Maker expresses a mix of Blaze with Tempo.

The Blaze Energy is expressed by acting through people and is quite extroverted. The Blaze naturally leverages by magnifying.

The characteristics of Blaze are:

* Passionate
* Outgoing
* Great at networking
* Great at meeting new people
* Easily distracted from tasks

Steel Energy Type

The Lord Profile solely expresses the Steel Energy. The Accumulator expresses a blend of Steel with Tempo, and the Mechanic expresses a mix of Steel with Dynamo.

The Steel Energy is expressed mostly behind the scenes, very introverted. The Steel leverages by multiplying.

The characteristics of Steel Energy are:

* Orderly
* Systems-oriented
* Great eye for detail
* Strong with completing things
* Difficulty with starting new things

Each Type plays a huge role in the success of creating our wealth within our profile type and relates to the way we naturally function in the world either as introverts or extroverts.

That sums up the four energy types found inside of your Wealth Dynamics profile. In the next article, we’ll talk about these energy types in more detail.

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