Tips on selling your motorcycle


 I only discovered that selling a motorbike is partly art and science when I needed to sell mine for the first time. Actually, it was more like a psychological experiment. If you are reading this, you are most probably looking for how to get top dollar from the sale of your bike. To date, I have sold motorcycles and I have become pretty good at it over the years.

These are some of the things I am passing along that I found profitable.

1.  Know the numbers

The best way to gauge the price of your bike is by searching for completed listings and make a comparison. This will help you not get too ambitious as this discourages buyers from making any offers. On the other hand, don’t undervalue your bike and ask for a low price as you’d be leaving money on the table. Look at similar makes for sale and if you find yours too low or too high then you are way off.

But if you went a little bit crazy and had a unique design added or build something unique on it, then by all means justify the high price. It’s only fair.

2.  Be honest

If you are looking to sell your bike to motorcycle import dealers, honesty is the best policy. Whenever I am in buying mode, I would not purchase a motorbikes that I only discovered had issues when I showed up. It’s okay for the bike not to be in top-notch condition but honestly evaluate and disclose the shape of your motorcycle. 

It is the only way to build a trusting relationship with your customers for future deals.

3.  Find your title before selling

For those with clean and clear titles, thumbs up! But, if the bank has your title state that clearly and let the buyer know how the sale will be conducted in such a case. I have had to ixnayed some bike purchases for lack of title details.

4.  Properly outline your ad

Clarity and relevant ads information is what gets the bike sold. You don’t have to be a marketing pro to create a properly formatted ad with clear sentences and no grammatical errors.

I used to think that I needed to give my potential buyers as much detail as possible but with time, I have learnt that a few relevant words can be the required sweet pot. Be clear and direct. You’d rather underpromise and over deliver than the other way round. 

I hope these tips come in handy. All the best in kissing your title goodbye.

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