The safest way to park your car when you go to the airport:

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When booking a trip, be it for business or pleasure, there are a few things you need to make sure you book. These are flight tickets, accommodation, car rental if necessary, and the last but possibly most important thing is airport parking. Knowing where to park can save you money and effort, as well as affect the safety of our vehicle. As with most things in life, there are risks involved in parking at the airport. Being aware of these risks and finding alternatives or solutions is important. Reading online reviews on topics such as the safety of a particular airport parking area, or even on rental companies available at the airport, will give you a better overview of any risks you may face parking your vehicle there.

Let us look at ways we can reduce the risks of parking your vehicle at the airport:

Risks of loss or damage to your vehicle:

Airport parking lots are not the safest of places, with parking areas further away from the terminals not monitored as closely as those parked close to the terminals. Remote parkings are not always as well lit, and are the perfect hiding spot for predators. With the rush of trying to park your car and catch your flight on time, there is a risk of your car being damaged by scratches or dents if you park it in the wrong place. 

Personal safety:

Airport parking spaces can be large, often be empty of people and make you a target of a would-be mugger or car thief. Follow safety tips on airport parking. Always be aware of your surroundings when walking through an airport parking lot. Do not talk to strangers, even if they might seem to be innocently asking for directions or the time, as this is a ploy used by many attackers to catch their victims unawares. If possible, carry a weapon such as mace or pepper spray in your luggage. 

Make a note of where you parked your car:

Take a photo of where you parked your car, or write the lot number on your ticket. Forgetting where you parked your car can lead to aimless wandering around the parking lot, making you an easy target as you will be distracted. Park in a lot that is well-lit and is not isolated. If you own a smartphone, it might be a good idea to download an app that can track where you have parked your car. With Android phones, you can use Bixby, a preloaded app that keeps track of our parking and daily routines.

Do research on the parking lot you will be parking in:

Knowing the layout of the parking lot, as well as the distance to the terminal buildings is useful in making the best decision on where to park. Parking closer to the terminal building, while costly, can save you from walking long distances from your car with all your valuables. Make note of the exits if you are parking in a parkade. You can also read reviews of various airport parkings online, as well as visit the airport’s website to obtain this information.

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