Snow Chains Prevent Car Skiing


Snow reports tell you that the ski conditions are good. The mountain has got an awesome snow base and the grooming report looks good. It’s time to hit the slopes! First step is making sure you have all the necessary equipment: Skis, poles, goggles, helmet, ski jacket, gloves, hat, lift ticket and snow chains.

Snow chains? Awesome snow conditions on the slopes means snow conditions on the roads too. Car skiing is not an actual sport and you will not enjoy the run down the mountain. Putting snow chains on your tires before you head over the pass ensures that you’ll arrive at your destination as you planned. If roads get really treacherous, car chains may be required to pass. So if you’re heading into the mountains take the time to invest in some snow chains for your car.

Because the weather can change so quickly in the mountains, it is important to be prepared for anything. Take the time to prepare yourself and your vehicle. Make sure snow chains are on or in the trunk ready for use, windshield wiper fluid is full, you have a blanket in the car along with an extra coat, gloves, and a hat. Pack a bag with nonperishable foods, bottles of water, matches and a first aid kit. Have a flashlight handy just in case your car finds the slopes are just too irresistible. Being prepared with emergency equipment for yourself and your car will give you peace of mind when driving over the mountain pass.

When you decide to go skiing, the first thing you should check is the snow reports. Make sure the mountain of your choice has a good base, that the drive will be a pleasant one, and that the roads are passable. Preparing your car for the journey is important because weather changes so quickly and with little to no warning at all. Snow chains will ensure that you arrive safely at your destination and then you can have a fun filled day on the slopes.

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