Riccar Vacuum Cleaner – Tips on Choosing the Best Model For You


A Riccar vacuum cleaner is a quality, durable, American-made appliance. Consumer vacuum cleaner reviews constantly give its vacuums a top rating. You could do worse than buy a Riccar vacuum cleaner but, to avoid disappoint, you should buy the model that best suits your needs. No matter what your requirements are, there’ll be one model that’ll fit the bill.

First off, how much floor area does your home have and what kind of flooring? Generally, speaking, the larger the floor space the larger the vacuum required. Also, choosing the right vacuum for the right flooring is essential. Hardwood and tiled floors need a vacuum with bristles that will remain in contact with the floor and form a tight seal, so that hair and dust isn’t blown away by the vacuum head. Also, dirt is generally a lot easier to suck up on a hard floor so you won’t necessarily need a vacuum with the biggest motor.

For hardwood floors a Riccar canister vacuum is a good option. There are several models to chose from; Sunbeam Subcompact, Moonlight Compact, Starbright Midsize, Pristine Midsize and 1700 and 1800 Full canister. If your floor space is small then the Riccar Sunbeam could be ideal. It’s small, compact and comes with onboard tools. For larger areas look at the Starbright or Pristine models – both come with HEPA filters. The 1700 and 1800 models can handle any floor type as they come with a 12 amp motor and HEPA filter.

Generally speaking, uprights are more powerful than canisters. This is because the motor is nearer the brush head. For this reason uprights are the best choice for those who have fitted carpets or large area rugs. There’s a choice of Riccar upright vacuum cleaners too. There’s the Vibrance, Brilliance, Radiance and Premium Radiance. Each vacuum comes in Standard, Deluxe or Premium models. Personally, I would dismiss the Standard models as they don’t come with onboard cleaning tools.

All Riccar uprights come with headlights, floor selector switch and powerful motors. But what’s really impressive is the amount of metal used in their construction; they come with metal wands, metal bottom plate, metal brushroll and even a metal cord hook.

One more thing to be aware of with the upright models; each comes with something called Tandem Air. Simply put, there are two motors, one near the vacuum head to suck up dirt of the floor and one higher up that is used in conjunction with the onboard tools. Very few other brands offer this feature. It’s a feature that’s highly appreciated in many vacuum cleaner reviews.

As well as floor size and type you should also think about ease of use. If you suffer from back pain when bending, then an upright might be more appropriate. However, if you suffer back or shoulder pain because of lifting/pushing weight, then the canister is a better option.

The company also makes a lightweight upright weighing in at only 8 lbs, so this might be a good choice for those who ordinarily find it tiring or difficult using a heavy upright. There are 3 Riccar Supralite models to choose from, the RSL1A, RSL3 and RSL4. Unlike the other uprights these don’t come with plastic outer casings or onboard tools. If you’re familiar with Oreck vacuum cleaners, you’ll know what I mean when I say they look very much like them. Another concession to weight is the motor size; it’s 5.5 amps so if you’ve got thick pile carpets these really won’t be up to the job.

The number one reason why people are dissatisfied with their new vacuum cleaner isn’t because they’ve bought the wrong brand; it’s because they’ve bought the wrong model. So, before you buy a Riccar vacuum cleaner, first assess your cleaning requirements, set your budget, read as many vacuum cleaner reviews as you can, and then select the model that’ll work best for you, whether it’s a canister, upright or the Oreck vacuum cleaner look-a-like, the Supralite.

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