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Why Are Jack Lalanne juice makers So Popular?

The Jack LaLanne juicing machine is one of the most powerful juice making machines you will find on the market. It simply crushes, squeezes and extracts every last bit of juice from any produce you feed it with.

The raw power of the product is simply amazing. The first time we used it and till today we remain in awe of its ability to extract so much amount of juice from just about any fresh produce we might feed it with.

Jack was and is such a popular and loved legend that people continue to trust products he endorsed. The products have continued to live up to the high standards of the much-loved American hero and fitness guru.

Features and Specifications:


3,000 RPM motor

Stainless steel body

Mesh filter

Stainless steel high tensile blades

Extra large feed chute

Dishwasher safe components

Non-drip spout and

Large capacity pulp collection port.

Simple And Functional

Jack Lalanne power juicing machines are simple and functional appliances that perform the task of juicing very well indeed.

Simple operation

It is simple to operate product. Jack Lalanne jucing maker reviews was impressed by the detailed manuals provided with each juicing appartus.The well-thought-out documents give details on how to use the machine, what to juice and how to juice different types of produce, how to clean and care for your appliance and much more.

High Juice Yield

Our team of testers who put together this Jack LaLanne reviews were pleasantly surprised to find that these juice producers yielded the highest amount of juice.


Another great feature is how quiet these juicing appliances are. The people who did this Jack LaLanne reviews were surprised at how little noise they make.Though it is a centrifugal appliance the product’s induction motor is placed in a specially designed noise damping casing. It is advertised as Whisper Quite and it truly lives up to its name.

Affordable And Sturdy

Jack LaLanne juicing machines are affordable and extremely convenient to use. It is a sturdy machine built with superior grade materials of high quality. You may not even realize that you are using a low-priced appliance as it is so well-made.

Compact And Easy To Store

The machines are designed to occupy more vertical space than horizontal. So you can easily accommodate your Jack LaLanne Power juice maker on your kitchen counter as it occupies so little space.

Ease of Use

The juicing machine is simple and easy to assemble for juicing. It is equally easy to take it apart for cleaning. It literally takes seconds to start juicing with a Jack LaLanne product. It’s the no-fuss juicing machine that you have been always looking for.

Powerful Name

Jack LaLanne the original fitness guru, the man himself lent his name and creative genius to this product.With such a powerful endorsement for a truly great product the juicing machine took off. It rode the fitness trend and it was the juicing machine which was embodied the statement ‘As seen on TV’ Powerful Machine.

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