Exclusive Sports and Executive Cars Illegally Parked and Chauffeur Driven in Central London


The DAILY TELEGRAPH recently wrote an article/report highlighting the regular abuse of British laws happening blatantly on the streets of London by drivers of foreign registered motor cars entering the city centre. It has been investigating a trend of high powered performance and executive cars being parked illegally on the streets of London’s Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Belgravia and Edgware road Marble Arch. These cars could be anything from the smaller sports cars such as the BMW M3 and Mercedes Benz C63 AMG to the high powered supercars such as the Bugattti Veyron, the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Ferrari 599 GTB.

The culprits, as the Daily Telegraph called them, get away with this blatant disregard to the law because they simply can and there is no law apparent that can be enforceable by any traffic warden, police officer or special units working with TFL (Transport For London) such as the force called TOCU (Transport Operational Command Unit) who are responsible for the anti touting operations in Central London in conjunction with the LTPH (London Taxi and Private Hire) formerly known as the PCO (Public Carriage Office).

An ongoing operation led by the London Metropolitan police called “Operation Tripper” (Source:Google) has been finding interesting facts where criminals from Europe are working in the London courier industry and UK residents holding UK driving licenses driving around in German cars serving the Arab tourists mainly in Arab with private hire and chauffeur duties ignoring all the regulations including private hire insurance, driver and vehicle private hire PCO license and that the job/mission has to be pre-booked through a licensed PCO operator.

This operation is likely to catch up with most of the offenders sooner or later since the communication channels have been widely opened recently between London and other capital cities in Europe such as Paris and Berlin. What remains to be seen is if this operation will extend to the much further located countries such as those in the Middle East.

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